Increase Funding and Support for Public Education

I believe public education is the key to our State's future. I attended public schools, as do my children. However, our Republican Legislature has consistently reduced state funding of public education, instead passing the burden on to us in the form of property taxes. I will push to increase state funding for public education, including use of a minimum of $5 billion of the "rainy day" fund toward K-12 public education, and to reform the antiquated "Robin Hood" financing system. I will make improving our kids' education my first priority.

Improve Access to Quality Healthcare

Keeping our citizens healthy should be a top priority. Yet our State currently ranks #49 in access to quality and affordable healthcare. Over 1 million of our citizens have no healthcare insurance, primarily because our Republican Legislature refuses to expand Medicaid as many other states have done. I want to ensure that all of our citizens have access to safe, effective and affordable healthcare.

Increase Funding for Infrastructure and Flood Control

District 133 (which is dominated by the Buffalo Bayou watershed) is badly in need of flood control and infrastructure improvement. As District 133 Representative, I will work to obtain increased funding for flood control and infrastructure improvements, so that our district can avoid further disasters to lives and property caused by massive flooding events like Hurricane Harvey.

Promote Local Control, Equality and Fairness

I believe that diversity is what makes Texas great. I will advocate for all of our citizens, regardless of gender, sexual identity, religious persuasion or origin of birth. I believe local governments should be free to enact laws that promote diversity and refuse to enforce laws that discriminate against citizens.

Enact Common Sense Gun Laws

While the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to gun ownership, I also believe that public safety is a fundamental constitutional right. I believe we must balance the right to gun ownership with the need to protect our citizens from gun violence. I will support "common sense" gun legislation that is designed to protect public safety without unduly infringing  on our Constitutional rights.

Protect Women's Reproductive Rights

It is established law in the United States that a woman has a constitutional right to choose to terminate her pregnancy. I will fight to protect a woman's right to choose, and resist efforts to restrict or limit that constitutional right.