I am a native Houstonian and lifelong Texan.  I am running for State Representative because I believe Texas can do better. For this reason I am asking for your vote in the May 22 Democratic Primary Runoff. 

Our public education system is ranked among the worst in the country, primarily because our Republican leaders have gutted state spending on public education, increasing the burden on local property owners. As your Representative, I will advocate for restoring state funding for our schools so that our property taxes will stop rising, and our students and teachers have the resources they need. 

I will also vote to increase support for other critical State services, including infrastructure and flood control. Even though District 133 is particularly at risk for flooding due to the Buffalo Bayou watershed, our current Representative has done nothing to advocate for increased funding for flood control in our district. This must change, or more lives and property in our District will be lost.

I will also advocate for expanding Medicaid and improving access to healthcare. Over 1 million Texans are uninsured, which is unacceptable. Not only is access to healthcare a moral imperative, it is good for our economy (the Texas Association of Business supports expanding Medicaid).

Lastly, I will support laws that protect the equality of all, regardless of race, citizenship status, sexual preference or gender. As your Representative, I will put the concerns of my constituents and Texans first. Help me make this happen and support my campaign today! 

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I Need Your Help!

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Martin Schexnayder for State Rep Dist 133

5161 San Felipe Rd, Suite 320 #D-8, Houston, Texas 77056, United States

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